Harnessing the power of Facebook and Instagram ads is like adding fuel to the fire.

From building your best audiences and creating engagement and brand recognition to lead generation and sales, paid ads can help you reach a large amount of people and scale your business fast.

Even with a small budget my clients are having success with their ads. Here you can see a campaign with a small budget for a $97 offer, which produced almost $3K revenue on a small under $300 ad spend.

Do you always wonder why the gurus have such great conversions rates? Because the build their warm audiences first. And the best way to build your audiences is by producing great high value content and putting a few dollars behind it.

This audience building campaign allowed us to build a warm audience for just $0.04 (on average).

We reached over 86K people and over 28.5K watched at least 15sec of the video. 

These video views were then segmented into different warm audiences and used to further engage and build a relationship.

Ads can also be incredibly valuable when trying to build an email list. Even though the open and click through rates have gone down, email is still one of the best way to build and nurture your community.

Gone are the days when lead generation was just pennies. Especially in the online "expert" field.

If you are a coach, consultant, course creator or an expert, you should expect your cost per lead to be $2-$4 on the average.

Who is my ideal client

  • You are a coach, consultant, course creator, speaker, author, or another "expert"
  • ​You are already established, your offers are selling or you have a "proof of concept"
  • You already do or are willing to produce video content on a regular basis
  • You are serious about setting up your business for long term success. Facebook advertising is not a quick fix, nor it is a thing that happens in a vacuum - paid advertising goes hand in hand with your organic strategies. This is a long term game .
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